Mar 12, 2012

Best of Beauty F/W 12

1. Dolce & Gabbana: the Italian Renaissance
Like the collection itself, the hair and makeup are Renaissance inspired. The Renaissance influence is much more noticeable in the hair and makeup, when I look at the photo of Kasia (left) she looks like a renaissance portrait (except she isn't in profile or in 3/4 view, just a little art history trivia). But it wouldn't be Dolce &Gabbana if it wasn't sexy, and yes this is sexy. The makeup emphasizes the natural beauty of each girl, the makeup is soft but it emphasizes the sensual parts of a woman's face: the eyes and mouth. This girl glows, and smolders just a little.
2. Christian Dior:
I don't think this needs an explanation. 
3. Balmain:
Who the hell doesn't want to look like this all the time? This is cool girl beauty, you just look perfect, without looking like you tried at all. This is the girl you want to be: the Balmain girl.
 (side note: as much as I love this beauty look, I ranked it lower because they do the same thing every year, yes I love it but they do this every year, and every year I try to look like this but fail because I'm not a model...)
4. Valentino:
I was not loving the hair, it worked on some of the girls, but it was very unflattering on others. The makeup on the other hand, was to die for. Just gorgeous glowing skin, and I can't get over how stunning the eye shadow is, I'm a little obsessed. The tones are so warm and rich, just beautiful, there is really no other word to describe this but beautiful. 

5. Versace:
 Versace always has some of the best beauty looks, the makeup is always done to make the girl look more beautiful. The hair this time did not do it for me, but I get what they were going for. The makeup is a cleopatra smokey eye (which is love) and they were trying to give the girl modern cleopatra hair (only good in theory I'm afraid).  
6. Emilio Pucci:
A more sophisticated version of effortless beauty. There is contouring and highlighting to emphasis bone structure, but in a very subtle way, you just assume she is that perfect (Natasha is that perfect but you know what I mean). Like the look at Dolce & Gabbana this is a less in your face sexy. The wavy hair is what makes the braid sexy, this is not a little girl's braid. The hair looks a little undone, like maybe she just had a roll in the hay...maybe. 
7. Lanvin:
I love me a cat eye, that is all.
8. Chanel:
The only look I won't be attempting in real life.
9. Burberry Prorsum: The It Brit. 
This is just the Burberry girl. She's just so damn cool, and she isn't "perfect" her hair isn't pin straight, and her makeup is a little smudged, but she looks so damn gorgeous because of it. (think Sienna Miller and Rosie Huntington-Whitely) 
10. Marc by Marc Jacobs:
 The look in a word: adorable.
11. Derek Lam:
I love retro inspired hair and makeup, and I love hair that looks messed up, therefor I love this. 
12. Michael Kors
This look is fall, the hair and skin look like they've been blow by autumn winds. She's just gotten back from an cool walk in central park, she looks flushed, a little wind blown but incredibly fresh and pretty. 
13. Victoria Beckham
Sleek, sophisticated and sexy.
14. Blumarine
Sexy, Italian, Bardott inspired. Gorgeous girls with gorgeous hair.
Yes the Bardott has been done (every season, by more than one designer) and I would love to be able to say I'm sick of the "Bardott inspired" look but I'll never be sick of it, it's beautiful and sexy, and it looks good on everyone.
15. Alexander Wang
Androgynous beauty.

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