Dec 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution:

Look like them!

Dec 30, 2009

work it

puff puff

I can't sleep for some reason probably because I'm buzzed (I'm on vacation dammit!) so i decided to give some food for thought. Ehem, Smoking is a nasty, dirty, habit and I hate how glamorous it looks in photos like the one shown above. It just looks cool and sexy dammit. I always swore I would never smoke however when in Czech this summer some Hollanders convinced me to smoke (I was quite drunk) so now i smoke on occasion when drunk, which is NOT good, it makes your skin nasty and makes me feel gross. It also makes you smell horrible, I guess my new years resolution should be to never touch a cigarette again. Drunk munchies will make me fat but I'll live drunk drags may kill me. Ok goodnight


I have these same leggingthingys but i need more things to wear them with, any thoughts??? However I think I need a super model body and wardrobe, I think that would give me more options.

Dec 29, 2009


I will definitely be collecting these ads, Natalia was a good choice

good morning?

Dec 28, 2009

Tori Praver

Tori Praver is kinda perfect (Hilary Rhoda is too but this is a Tori post) I think she is one of my girl crushes, she is gorgeous

Dec 26, 2009


Her Face is the Perfect Canvas

Dec 23, 2009


Why am I up?

 After countless chips and 3:00 am Del Taco munchies I don't think i'll be looking like this anytime soon

Dec 22, 2009

backstage madness